Pauline Comanor's Chunky Monkey

This is a tale about a monkey
who tipped the scale at one and twenty
(For a little monkey, that is plenty)

He was unhappy, it is true
Missed his mom and jungle jive
Ever since he did arrive -- at the zoo

He overate to compensate
For things he missed (a long, long list)

You've found Chunky Monkey's home base at the Silly Zoo!

Chunky Monkey was created by cartoonist Pauline Comanor in 1973. Originally based on sketches done of an overweight monkey in New York's Central Park Zoo, over the years Chunky Monkey has evolved into a monkey on a mission.

Hang out with us for a while here at the Silly Zoo where you can read some stories, take a few drawing lessons, and learn a bit about what Chunky Monkey stands for. Have some fun and don't forget to do some good!

We all knew there was a Silly Zoo somewhere, it took Chunky Monkey to find it for us.

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Kid comment of the week:
" I LOVE Chunky Monkey ."
Gina, 9 years old, Surf City, NJ

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