She can cook and dance, draw cartoons, and do imitations. 

You may wonder how she can do so many things, and why she was named Sosueme. Her special abilities came about when she was created by Pauline Comanor, "World's Fastest Cartoonist."

Sosueme learned how to cook and bake in the kitchen of the cartoonist. One of her favorite creations is organic muffins filled with peanut butter.

She was named sosueme because she made lots of mistakes. She danced the two-step to the elephant's tango and drew an anteater with teeth and hippos in bikinis.

Anytime anyone criticized her, she said. "so sue me," and soon that became her name.

About three years ago Susueme met Chunky Monkey at Pauline's Christmas party. They hit it off right away. Now they're best friends and do everything together.

copyright © 1997 by Pauline Comanor

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