and the 'monkey business'
he started up in an old apple treeBen & Jerry's created the ice cream flavor CHUNKY MONKEY and nothing in this story is intended to imply otherwise!!!  Neither Pauline Comanor nor her CHUNKY MONKEY character are affiliated with or sponsored by Ben & Jerry's!


This is a tale about a monkey
Who tipped the scale at one and twenty
(For a little monkey, that is plenty)

He was unhappy, it is true
Missed his mom and jungle jive
Ever since he did arrive -- at the zoo

He overate to compensate
For things he missed (A long, long list)

Other monkeys played all day
All they cared about was fun
From breakfast till the day was done

When this little monkey tried to do the same
And swing on his prehensile toes
He fell from a tree and broke his nose

Until a cartoonist came along
She liked to sketch the monkeys who
lived in every city zoo

While visiting the Silly Zoo
She noticed a monkey filled with woe,
with a broken nose and an injured toe

It was easy to estimate
That he was somewhat overweight
No monkeyshines, just ate and ate

All the treats that he could find
Ice cream, chocolate, chewy stuff
Of walnuts he never got enough

But most of all he loved bananas
He always ate them by the score
When they were gone he cried for more

It made the other monkeys laugh
They teased, that made him cry still more
Especially since his nose was sore

The cartoonist, touched by the monkey's plight
Because she liked him at first sight
Told him she would make things right

First she named him Chunky Monkey
It was the first time he had a name
To help him reach both fans and fame

They worked on weights and exercise
The cartoonist coached him every day
To jog, work out and also play

Soon Chunky Monkey wanted a hobby
So he went to the library in the zoo
To look up stuff that he could do

But though he looked in many books
He couldn't find one with more appeal
Than snacking in between each meal

Until he dreamed of making ice cream
With a combination in each dip
Of bananas, walnuts, chocolate chips

Chunky Monkey then got a plan
For an ice cream store up in a tree
Where he could sell and eat it free

This flavor would be his specialty
To make it right Chunky worked very hard
In the apple tree in the zoo's backyard

All the animals stood in line
To buy one of Chunky's ice cream cones
Some called in orders on the phone

The zoo visitors soon joined the crowd
From far and wide the customers came
Even the president knew Chunky Monkey by name

Till everyone said, "get out of the tree!"
So Chunky Monkey wrote a note
To Ben & Jerry (which I quote):

"Chunky Monkey is my name
And I have created a great flavor
Which you could help the world to savor"

Ben & Jerry took one taste
This flavor, they said, is really funky
Let's name it after Chunky Monkey!

Now that Ben & Jerry are in the act
There's enough Chunky Monkey ice cream for everyone
And eating it is lots of fun.

The apple tree where the famous Chunky Monkey ice cream was first made.

Cast of Characters

Pauline Comanor, the cartoonist in the story is the creator of Chunky Monkey.

Chunky Monkey plays himself.
The Silly Zoo is somewhere, perhaps Chunky Monkey can take you there.

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