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Skippity and Hippity
Do a lot of Spring Thinking
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     “Perhaps you should go to the story department in the library, said Skippity, “instead of reading all those other books.” 
     “You don’t understand,” said Hippity, “I want to learn about everything.  Why, for example, do kangaroos and rabbits both hop?  You never see a dog or cat hop.  It’s perplexing.” 

     “I’m more perplexed about that Mrs. MacGregor,” said Skippity. "I just can’t believe it.” 

     “If you read the big books, you would find many things to wonder about,” said Hippity.  “Why grass is the same color as frogs.  Why the sun and buttercups are the same color.  And why snowflakes all have individual designs, all different -- like rabbits.” 

     “But rabbits aren’t different,” said Skippity, “they’re all the same.  They all have big ears and feet, and they all think alike.  Except for you.” 

     “Thank you,” said Hippity, “but I do believe that all rabbits, like snowflakes, are works of art, except that snowflakes melt." 

     “They’re supposed to melt,” said Skippity, “but rabbits aren’t supposed to be baked into pies.  When I grow up, I want to change that.  If rabbits could be lawyers or even presidents, they could change that.  I want to be a VIB.” 

     “What’s that?” asked his sister, “I’ve heard of VIPs, very important people.” 

 “Well, I’d be a very important bunny,” said Skippity.  “Bunny rabbits have to do more than just eat carrots all the time.  Do you think I could be a VIB?” he asked. 

     “Of course you could,” said Hippity, “you already are.  You may be silly sometimes, you're not as smart as I am, but I could help you.” 

     “Would you really?” asked Skippity.  “We could team up.” 

     “You could look for the answers to some of the questions in my jar,” said Hippity. 

     “And you could do something about the MacGregor problem,” said Skippity. 

     “Sounds good,” said Hippity, you are alread a WB.” 

     “What’s that?” said Skippity. 

     “A wonderful brother,” said Hippity.  And she gave her brother a big hug. 

Skippity and Hippity are Copyrights of Mary Meyer Stuffed Toys
Story Copyright 1999 by Pauline Comanor