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Silly Zoo Story of the Month

Silly Zoo President

Ronald Toucan
Greet a resident who also is zoo president.
Ronald Toucan, with a friendly face, not a feather out of place.

He's a very cautious fella, always carries an umbrella. Even if the sky is blue, and it's plain no rain is due. 

He likes ballroom dancing and the tango too, which he teaches in the Silly Zoo.  Though dancing is not his best feature, he is an excellent dance teacher.

He never laughs at a clumsy hippo, or an elephant dancing with lots of zippo.  Because he thinks it's quite all right to feel free and not uptight. So elephants and hippos, too, love to dance in the Silly Zoo.

A funny bunch, quite in demand in the Silly Zoo is the Kazoozie band.  Led by a maestro elephant (although the toucan says the elephant can't lead such a schmoozy, kazoozie, band), which he hopes that some day soon will play on key and carry a tune. 



copyright 2001, by Pauline Comanor