Print and Color a map of South America

The Amazon Basin (also known as Amazonia) is one of the biggest wilderness areas on the earth. It's mostly in Brazil, but also covers parts of Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela and Colombia. Look at an atlas or globe and find the Amazon River. Where would it be on our map? Color it blue-green. Did you know there are both tropical and temperate rainforests? The rainforests of Brazil are tropical (warm all year long). Color Brazil a lush green.
AMAZON FACTS: There are more than 8,000 species of insects in the Amazon rain forest, 2,000 species of fish (including the piranha, which is a fish you wouldn't want to swim with), and 117 species of giant trees. Can you find the Andies on your globe? They stretch from Colombia to the tip of Argentina and Chile. Make little mountain peaks on our map to indicate this vast mountain range.

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