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Pauline Comanor is a professional artist, muralist, cartoonist and performer who has been writing verse for many years (since serving as poetry editor of her Philadelphia high-school magazine). One of the first recognitions of her poetic skills came from composer Sigmond Romberg, who, upon hearing one of several songs of which she had written the lyrics, sought her out to advise her to seriously devote herself to lyric writing.

She began her artistic career conducting a cartoon class at Gimbel’s Department store in her native Philadelphia. There, she was introduced to Max Fleischer, legendary head of the Paramount’s cartoon studio and soon became his protégé, making personal appearances as the “Country’s one and only girl movie cartoon artist.” She later went on to produce and star in her own television shows in Philadelphia, New York and Florida.

For the past two decades, Pauline has performed at shopping malls from Newfoundland to New Zealand billed as the “World’s Fastest Cartoonist.” Her shows have been used to benefit numerous charities, and her murals are on display in a number of pediatric hospitals.


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