The Chunky Monkey Kids For Primates Mural


Here are a few samples of some of the sketches that were sent in based on the lessons we posted.  First, we just had to show you what two very creative artists from England did.  This is a close-up from a birthday card that Christopher, who is 11,  made for Arun Rangsi, a very special gibbon at the International Primate Protection League in Summerville, S.C. He made it on bright yellow paper, and it opens up to reveal this greeting:

 "Arun Rangsi happy birthday, 
Arun Rangsi your 20 today! 
Arun Rangsi have a happy life, 
Arun Rangsi and your gibbon wife"


Here is a close-up of Liam's card. Liam, who is 10, made his birthday card on bright orange paper with this message inside:  
"Arun Rangsi it's your birthday, So give three cheers, Hip hip hurray!  We are sending Lots of love  Your way" Christopher and Liam have also contributed some wonderful art work to the mural.


This drawing on the left was done by Ignacia, who lives in Apple Valley, California. 




This chimp behind a leaf is by Alan, who lives in Rancho Cucamanga, California.  


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