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Now the foliage is what gives the forest its lush, well, forest look, so it's really important. We've selected three kinds for you to work with. 


That's not its scientific name or anything-- just a nickname given to it (which we happen to like) because the sides of this leaf resemble the spines of a dragon. You can put a line through the center and think of these spines as branching out from it.  Dragon leaves can grow in any direction -- up, down, up or sideways, and can be colored in all different shades of green.

Remember to make your leaves wider when you make them longer -- that's what's known as proportion (for instance, when you draw a leaf twelve inches long, it should be a lot more than two inches wide).  We suggest you try making several in a few sizes.

Hey, you didn't cut the grass yet! This is really easy to do and will add a lot of color to our mural. The difference between ordinary grass and the kind that grows in the rain forest is that while garden-variety grass grows like carpet fibers, rain-forest grass grows like a plant. Notice how the leaves shoot out from the center.  In other words, it's wider at the top than the bottom. 


ELEPHANT EARS Now maybe that is a scientific name, since these really do look like elephant ears.  When you draw these, think of a heart shape. Draw a line through the center and then draw lots of lines from the center out to the sides.  They can be in groups of twos or threes. 
Make sure they are W I D E.


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