The Chunky Monkey Kids For Primates Mural


 Here is the first panel.  As you can see, butterflies and bugs were a very popular choice.  While monkeys can be difficult to draw, we received some excellent drawings of different primates.  
To look at the lessons we posted for the mural, go to the rain-forest drawing page.




In this panel you can see some of the wonderful foliage that was sent in.  We also received hibiscus flowers and orchids. Butterflies are everywhere in our mural, as well as a jaguar creeping through the brush.
In this panel we have some swinging chimpanzees, more smiling butterflies and a big tree going up to the canopy level of the rain forest.


You can still check out the drawing lessons we posted for the mural,
as well as learning more about the International Primate Protection League and seeing a close-up of some of the drawings we were sent.


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