The Chunky Monkey Kids For Primates Mural

Could the artistic efforts of kids all over the world who have never even met be blended together to create a fantastic mural? That's exactly what took place at This incredible mural shows what you can do with teamwork, even if it stretches over thousands of miles. Read more about our project below.

Want to see more pictures?  Click here for some close ups.


If you would like to learn more about the Kids for Primates Mural, here's the scoop. Kids around the world were invited to help create a mural to show just how much they care about primates and the environment (and show off their artistic abilities, too)!

We posted lessons on primates, insects and plants to give everyone a good start.  Kids from California to England to Australia sent us their drawings, and cartoonist Pauline Comanor assembled them all into a giant rain-forest mural that was presented to the International Primate Protection League in 2004.

You can still check out the drawing lessons we posted for the mural,
as well as learn about the International Primate Protection League and see a few of the drawings we were sent.


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