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The rain forest is home to some of the most beautiful flowers in the world.  We selected two that are fun and easy to draw.  As in drawing a butterfly, remember to be creative in your color selection.  

This flower looks a lot like its North American cousin (or uncle perhaps?), the swamp pink, and it's really easy to do. 

Start with a pink lollipop on a green stick. 


Now get a darker pink pencil with a good point and start making short lines all around it, going in all directions. (If you're at the bottom of the flower, for instance, draw the short line pointing down). Add a yellow tip to some of your darker pink lines. 

How to draw an orchid
Orchids are grown all over the world in greenhouses and people's homes, but in the rain forest, these beautiful flowers that people dote over so much grow in wild abundance.  A lovely sight are orchids such as these growing out of tree trunks.  If you break your drawing down into 6 steps (for 6 petals), you'll find drawing orchids to be much easier than growing them.   STEP 1 
The top petal which should, of course, be pointing up. 
This petal comes out of the middle of the flower  we call it the "tongue." Put some yellow at the top. 
STEP 3   The two side petals look like this and should go left and right 
STEP 4  These two petals are to the left and right of the tongue, below the side petals. They point down to the left  and down to the right 
Here's what our orchid looks like assembled.Add some green leaves, and draw additional flowers in clusters of two or three.

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