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If you're making a realistic drawing, try to keep things the right size. This body size will make a VERY big butterfly, so first think about your drawing. Is it a scene? A close-up of a butterfly? If you want to let your creativity flow and wing it (a butterfly joke), go ahead; there really are no rules here 
This is pretty easy, don't you think? Sort of like a snowman  with antennas. 
You won't see a butterfly's legs unless it's sitting on something (like a leaf). But here they are in case that's what you're drawing. 
The wings are the most fun to draw because of their color and design. You can make them realistic by having the design identical on both wings, or make them your own creation with whatever color and patterns you prefer. 

    Nicki, who's from Merced, California did this sketch for us. She also did a colored one using oil crayons to blend some crazy colors. You can use our color ideas or make up your own.      

COLORS:  Coloring your butterfly is the best part.  On the drawing above, we indicated red and black colors, but don't limit your drawing to just those. Rain-forest butterflies come in beautiful and varied colors.  For example, the male blue morpho butterfly, has bright blue metallic wings, the female blue morpho, has pale blue wings with white spots around the edges. Our little butterfly below is green and hot pink.   Unless you are trying to make a very exact, scientific drawing of a butterfly, in which the color and markings need to be duplicated carefully, you can't make a mistake So be creative with your colors. 


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