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There are lots of different species of ants that live in the rain forest.  In Peru, researchers found 42 different species living in one tree!  Our lesson will teach you how to draw the basic ant.  You can make it tiny, or large enough to add detail.  You can make lots of them marching along, or just do a few.  A neat rain-forest ant is called the leaf cutter.  Leaf cutters march along carrying cut pieces of leaves on their backs. They then convert the leaves into a kind of compost, which cultivates a fungus the ants eat.  Not what you'd want to find on a picnic!  Be creative -- there are lots of fun ways to depict ants. 
Step 1 
You can make your ant in three sections. This is the bottom part of the body. Kind of looks like a beetle, don't you think? 
Step 2 
Here we've added the middle section. The lines and stripes give it a more rounded, realistic look. 

Step 3 
To finish it off, we've added a head with antennas, a round eye, and three legs on each side of the body. You can color in the top of the body as we've done here, or just leave it striped if you like. 



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