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Hurt Go Happy by Ginny Rorby (Starscape, 2006) is the moving tale of Joey Willis, a young teen struggling to overcome  the isolation of acquired deafness who forms an unexpected bond of friendship with Sukari, a 'chimpanzee child' saved from poachers and raised by a neighbor to communicate in sign language. Despite resistance from Joey's well-intentioned mother who is opposed to her learning to sign, the mutual attachment between the two deepens until tragic circumstances intervene and ultimately place Sukari in jeopardy. Beautifully written with a blend of passion and humor, and inspired by a true story, this captivating novel is 'must reading,' not just for teens, but people of all ages who are concerned with the welfare of primates (or who just like to curl up with a really good book).

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The International Primate Protection League

The International Primate Protection League was founded in 1973 and since that time, has been working continuously for the well-being of primates.

IPPL's educational efforts have contributed to decisions by many countries to ban or restrict primate trade and to establish programs to protect primate habitat. supports the IPPL with a 5% donation from Chunky Monkey doll sales.

The Rainforest Site

Just by clicking on this site, you'll help fund the purchase of rainforest land by The Nature Conservancy, The Rainforest Conservation Fund, The World Parks Endowment, and The Friends of Calakmul -- organizations working to preserve rainforest land in Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Paraguay and other locations worldwide.

Learn about what's being done to stop the experimentation on these highly intelligent and sensitive creatures -- our closest primate "relatives"  -- and how you can help them to be released into the safety of permanent sanctuaries.


Center for Orangutan and Chimpanzee Conservation

Read all about this Florida sanctuary that offers lifetime care to rescued champanzees and orangutans, including those formerly kept as pets or used in entertainment.

Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage

This site will show you what's being done for the chimps and other rescued wild animals now living at this sanctuary in the African nation of Zambia

Chimp Rehab Center Gambia

Click here to find out about the first-ever chimpanzee rehabilitation center.

Endangered Primate Rescue Center

Discover what this facility is doing to help bring Vietnam's primates back from the brink of extinction.

Fauna Foundation 

Learn about how this organization has created a protected environment for chimps once used in biomedical research, as well as neglected and abused farm and domestic animals.



The Organic Center. Need facts for a school report, or do you just want to learn -- and be able to win a debate about -- the benefits of organic foods? The Organic Center's Web site will tell you all you need to know and more.


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