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How to draw a muskox

Drawing a muskox is really quite easy. The top of its head is like a helmet, with the horns curling down the sides. Don't start your nose circle off to the corner of your paper! Leave room for the rest of the body and perhaps some ferns or cliffs. Take a look at two very different drawings made by following these lessons on the kids' art page.

Did you know?
Two species of muskoxen lived in what is now the Midwestern United States during the last ice age.

One is extinct (gone forever) and one is just like the muskoxen found in the Arctic today. The very first specimen of bones from the now-extinct woodland muskox was found at Big Bone Lick in Florence, Kentucky, by an expedition sent by Thomas Jefferson.

The muskox that now lives in the Arctic is one of the few large mammals in North America that did not become extinct about 10,000 years ago. Why do you think one survived while the other became extinct?

Okay, now let's draw one!

Step 1:  Make an oval for the nose and mouth

Step 2:  Add two lines from your oval to make the face


Step 3:  Add a Y for the nose and a straight line for the mouth


Step 4:  Add the "helmet" and horns


Step 5:  Add the eye and finish off with lots of lines to show fur.  Draw your lines in all directions to give a fuzzy look.