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Kids' drawings for June/July
Our favorite picks
Each month we pick our favorites from the drawings that are sent to us.
If you would like to submit some art for our drawing-of-the-month page, please remember we cannot return your work.
Send your art to: Chunky Monkey Fan Club,
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 Put just your first name, age and place in the world you live on the back of your art.

Te, who is nine, did this very happy baker man. It looks as if his doughnuts are melting in the bright sunshine.

We like Te's use of colors and the sporty look she gave her baker. When you're drawing a single character it's often a good idea to have them look off left or right, as if there is something out of the sketch they are watching.

When Te started this drawing she gave her baker man bright red cheeks. She didn't like the way that looked and turned the cheeks into sunglasses! Before you start a sketch over, think about how you might turn your mistakes into another element of the drawing. 

Just in time for father's day, Linda, who's 11, did a neat portrait of the bear family. She made it look like they are posing for a photographer; sister bear is looking off a bit to the left, brother bear seems bored by the whole thing, and papa bear looks very proud of them both. 

She put a frame around her picture, which is a fun thing to do. 

Gary did this neat muskox drawing at Pauline's workshop in the Florence Mall, Florence, Kentucky. 

Gary, who's ten, used some wild colors in this sketch, which make it look like a drawing you might discover on the wall of a cave. 

Don't be afraid to experiment with bold color combos like this. Sometimes you'll get some really good results like Gary did.

Take our new lesson on how to draw a muskox!  Click here.

Patty, who is 12, did this version of a muskox at Pauline's Florence Mall workshop. 

Patty, like Gary, used some interesting color combinations and the result is really good. These two drawings show two very interesting versions of a muskox done from the same lessons.