Chunky Monkey's favorite stories and poems

Here are some neat stories about Chunky Monkey, butterflies, toucans, jaguars, ducks, frogs, mice and bunnies. Some are really short, others will take a while to read.  If you're looking for some holiday tales, check out the links at the bottom of the page.

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READ The saga of Chunky Monkey
and the 'monkey business' he started up in an old apple tree!

Click here for the original classic:
The Story of Chunky Monkey

Bahawa's Mystic Rainbow

Read about Toniwa Toucon

Jimja the jaguar learns a lesson
(for younger readers)

Skippity and Hippity do a lot of spring thinking
(Best read in springtime!)

Sosueme, Chunky Monkey's best friend
(short,but cute tale about a curly-headed duck)

The Do-It-Later Alligator
(A fun story from Chunky Monkey's Silly Zoo)

Chunky Monkey's Poetry Corner


Mo the scarecrow and his unexpected
Halloween predicament

The Story of Kris Mouse and his 
wonderful gift from Santa Claus

Chunky Monkey's Excellent Christmas Adventure


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