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How to cartoon a poodle and a pooch

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A giraffe? a koala? a lion? a pig? a hippo? a turtle?
a poodle and a pooch?

Follow the cartoon key to help you draw a poodle and a pooch.

The poodle, though considered to be French, is really a Russian hunting dog. Poodles come in three sizes: toy, miniature and standard. A poodle can smile and often does.

Here is a poem written to a poodle:

I have a little doggie
Worth more than ten gold crowns
She doesn't take up lots of room
Just barely weighs six pounds.

Bravado fills this little dog
She lets everybody know
That come what may, she will protect
Me from both friend and foe.

Selected as I am to know
Her day belongs to me
And highs and lows will match my moods
Six pounds of empathy.

But still she cuddles in my lap
And hides if she is snubbed
Or does a silly little trick
To get her tummy rubbed.

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