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Chunky Monkey is my mate,
Chunky Monkey is so great!
He's funny and he's witty,
He's much more fun than my kitty!
I wish he was my pet,
'Cos he would be the best!
Chunky Monkey you are:
Someone to talk to,
If my best mate is anyone it's you!

By Rachel, age 10


Starfish O' starfish
Your legs are everywhere
I love your pretty colours
Even though you don't have hair!

You live in your mansion
At the bottom of the sea
With all the little fishes
Swimming at your feet.

By Lisa, age 13

Three poems by Ian, who is in the 4th grade in Santa Cruz, California

Africa, my Africa,
under azure colored skies,
Africa, my Africa
Look out! Darn tse-tse flies!


Now I'm in bed,
I'm going to sleep,
My teddy is here making Z's
He's furry and hot
and he takes up a lot of the bed
and he's hogging the breeze.


What if my bones were put in a museum,
where aliens paid god money to see 'em?
And what if they put the bones all wrong,
sticking membranes to phlanges
where they didn't belong?

The museum would build a model in plaster,
of ME to be called
"Evolution's Disaster"
Aliens would wonder how man survived
all these years,
with teeth covered arms
growing out of his ears!

Every night as I'm asleep I travel through the lands,
from forest green with life to slowly drifting sands.
The humming of a bird atop a young and lively tree,
makes me sing along with it, happy just to be.

But when the light of dawn pops out from my window top,
my imagination train soon comes to a stop.
I start out on a fresh new day, and it clearly seems,
that my adventures I had taken were only just a dream.

by Hannah, age 15