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Okay, now that we've got Chunky Monkey's head done, we need to do the rest of him. The most important thing to remember is to put the head on the shoulders (see tip below). Sounds easy enough, but if you don't do this simple step, it really won't look quite right.

Step 1 -- Looks familiar doesn't it. Yup, we're going to use the same pear shape to draw his body with. TIP: the body is bigger than the head (we knew you knew that) so make your body pear bigger and longer then the head pear. Also, do your body layout with a pencil so you can erase some of the lines when you finish up your drawing.


Step 2 -- We added a V for the neckline, and a line to indicate the top of Chunky Monkey's pants.
Step 3 -- Add legs, just 3 lines. 


Step 4 -- Time to add arms (please put arms at top of pear, not middle), feet (you can lay it out with an oblong shape and add toes when you put the finishing touches on your drawing); also add hands (you can use circles for now and add fingers later).


Step 5 -- Time to put his head on. TIP: Chunky Monkey has no neck, so it's easy to get his head on his shoulders. All you do is have the top of the arm line (shoulder) meet his face. (If he had a neck, the shoulder line would meet the neck, not the face). Let's add his tail now and erase some pencil lines at the bottom of the pear so it looks like he's wearing pants, not a pear suit!


Left foot:

Monkeys climb about quite a bit, so their feet are very good at grasping and holding on to things. A monkey's foot is more like our hands, but much better to walk on! Think of the inside toe as being like your thumb, and draw it so it's always facing the other toe (thumb).

Prehensile toe cheat sheet
Now, some very fine artists have trouble with this prehensile toe business. If you do too, maybe this will help

Right foot:

TIP: If you can do one foot, but get mixed up when you do the other one, take the good foot, copy it, cut it out, then just flip it over and trace it (till you get it right).

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