How to draw Chunky Monkey

Drawing Chunky Monkey is easy. We've broken it down into some simple steps to get you started. Of course, you can make your drawing better by adding color and details. Print this page out, and when your Chunky Monkey drawing comes out really good, send it to us, and we'll try to publish it on our kids' art page. This lesson is on two pages, so be sure to click onto page 2 at the bottom when you're done with this page.

If you would like to send us your drawing of Chunky Monkey that we may post here, you can upload it on this page.


Step 1 -- start with a pear.
Go get one at the store
and get a good look at it,
draw it, then eat it
(hey, this drawing lesson is good for you too).
Step 2 -- add two ovals for the eyes.
Step 3 -- We've added the ears (like a C forward and backward),
the nose (a small V),
eyeballs (with a white area left for a highlight),
and his hairline (turn you head to the left, it's a 3).
Step 4 -- Finish your Chunky Monkey face by adding his mouth (always smiling),
a round line in the ears (adds perspective),
and his eyebrows (the way you draw eyebrows will change the expression of the face you're drawing).


Ready to draw the rest of Chunky Monkey? Okay, click here for page 2


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