Chunky Monkey's cartoon lessons

So, what would you like to learn to draw today? Animals, birds, plants, or perhaps even insects? Whatever it is, you've come to the right place. We even have on-line video cartoon lessons. All the links are below. And if you still can't find what you're looking for, go here and send us a note saying what it is you'd like to see some lessons on, and maybe that will be here next! 

Don't forget to send your drawings in to us, we post kids' art from around the world at this page. To send in your art, go here to our special art uploader page. Okay? So what are you waiting for? Start sketching!!

How to draw Chunky Monkey
(Simple as this might be, it's still the all-time favorite here at

Rain-forest drawing lessons, bugs, monkeys, 
flowers and leaves

Video cartoon lessons

Animal cartoon lessons
(lots of creatures to choose from here!)

Kitty cartoon lessons

How about drawing a muskox?

What's a "sight gag?"

Draw a rain-forest butterfly

How about drawing a toucan?

Fish cartooning
(In Internet terms this is an antique; one of the very 
first lessons we put up)




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