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Mo the scarecrow and his unexpected 
Halloween predicament

A scarecrow is usually rather silly looking.  He's raggedy, dressed in odd assortments of discarded clothing, and is stuffed with moldy straw.  He seems lonely and shy and stands all day beneath the autumn sky scaring crows away from the harvest.

Not so with Mo.  He was a very high-class scarecrow.  Clothes all color matched.  No patches on his pants.  Well shaped pumpkin head, an organic carrot nose, and the highest quality straw a scarecrow can be stuffed with.  He was a scarecrow with pride, and often liked to sing a little song he made up, "What a lucky guy am I, every day to see the sky."  Sometimes a little skylark would join in with him.

Mo liked everyone, even the crows, and had no desire to scare them away from anything. The crows liked him as well.  They found him perfect to perch on as they surveyed the field for supper.  The crows and Mo would chat all day, and sometimes tell funny stories.  Mo liked his life, and when the crows would ask him how he was doing, he would always reply, "can't complain."

Indian Summer changed into Fall and there were no problems at all until Halloween eve. What happened then is hard to believe.  There was a full moon, little black clouds were forming and witches were already flying on their magic brooms. Mo was enjoying the scene, when he felt a sensation in his nose.  It was a tingling feeling. And then suddenly the tingling stopped, and it felt -- well it didn't feel like his nose at all.  That was because it had turned to gold.  His perfectly good organic carrot nose was now some sort of golden trophy on his pumpkin face. First he thought the crows had played a joke on him.  And then he figured, how would they ever find a gold carrot?  Impossible!

A visiting parrot, who was very knowledgeable, had told him about greedy King Midas who had been punished by having everything he touched turn to gold, even his child.  Maybe a greedy witch with a Midas touch had turned his nose to gold, and was coming to retrieve it when he fell asleep.  There was no doubt, it was too awful to think about.

Mo knew it was the worst thing that ever happened to him.  Because of his concern about his fate, he began to lose weight.  He couldn't joke or play a game, nothing now seemed the same.  Plus that, he couldn't smell a thing, wiggle his golden nose or sneeze.  He became allergic to every little breeze.  The deed was out of sight. It was a predicament all right.  That witch was mean, she was spoiling Halloween.

The crows summoned Old King Crow, the wisest crow, who came down to investigate.  When he looked at the golden nose he shook his head.  "Take a pumpkin seed and go to bed.  I'll see you in the morning," he said.

But Mo said, "I'll never last that long."

The crows fluttered about Mo and tried to console him.  Then a pompous looking duck waddled in.  "I would like to venture an opinion," she said. "A few duck dives might shake that strange nose free.  We ducks do it constantly."

"Sakes alive," said Mo, "I can't dive.  I'm out of luck, I'm not a duck.  I guess I'll have to think this out myself.   I better think real fast, cause I don't know how long I'll last."

A little rabbit happened by.  "What's up?" he asked.  Mo just sighed.  "Are you having a bad hay day?" asked the rabbit.

"No," said Mo, "it's my new nose.  It's gold and very bold, and I've been thinking all day, what to do to make it go away."

"Seems like you're in a big snafu, a bit of action now will do," said the rabbit.  "Thinking doesn't always work. If I thought all day, I'd go berserk.  A hop in time saves nine." With that he pulled with all his might the golden nose in there so tight.

Ker-plop, it landed out of sight.  Mo was shocked.  "But now," he said, "what will replace it?"

The rabbit said, "that problem is easy to fix.  Here are my carrots, take your pick.  You can have any size or shape nose, I don't mind."

Mo said, "thank you, you're very kind.  If I may be so bold to say, you're a rabbit with a heart of gold."

Mo carefully picked one, put it in place and then he sneezed.

"Good," said the rabbit, "I see it's working.  Use it in good health."

Mo said, "I guess good friends are your greatest wealth."

"Not only that," said a little crow, "gold may possess a lot of gleam, but a carrot nose has carotene."

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