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The sight gag

Our joke is "the early bird catches the worm." This is a simple example of a sight gag -- it's called that because you don't need a caption to get it. Julie, who's ten, from Phoenix, Arizona did the drawings for our cartoon.

Our "worm" turned out to be a pig, and that's obvious without any explanation. Our first assignment for you is to think of your own sight gag in two or three boxes. Now the thinking part may be hard, but the drawing shouldn't be. If your idea has too many characters or props to draw, think of another idea that you can illustrate more simply. We'll give you some harder assignments later; for now start out simple and funny.

Want to send us your sight gag? We'd love to see your drawing.
Send to: P. O. Box 64,
Absecon, N.J. 08201
Remember, we can't promise to return any artwork.

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