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Setting the scene for your cartoon

A comic strip artist does more than just draw funny pictures. You're the writer and director, casting office and producer too. Wait a minute, we're not making a movie here, you might say. Well, in a sense you are. You select the characters that go into your strip or box, you write what they are going to say, and you put them in the scene you've created.

Cartoons on their own are fun, but cartoons that tell a story are even better. The scene can help explain the story too. Does your cartoon incident take place indoors or outside, day or night, summer or winter?
For now, keep your scenery really simple -- lines for water, triangles for sailboats, cauliflowers for clouds. When you draw your cartoon scene you can make everything in it involved with the main joke.

In our cartoon scene, we've put a clown on a beach with a talking tree (and a bunny too). Now that's pretty funny to start with, don't you think? How many times have you seen a clown, bunny and talking tree on the beach? But we still need a very important part of this cartoon. Not being a "sight gag," it needs a punch line, or caption. That's another name for the joke part of a cartoon. Can you think of one? Later on we'll post our idea of the joke as well as what other kids have sent in. If you have a punch line for this cartoon, send it to us at edmaster@chunkymonkey.com

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