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Did you say you wanted to be a cartoonist?

Being a cartoonist is a popular career choice these days, even picked by kids as better than being a doctor or lawyer (no jokes, please). Of course, you could be a doctor or lawyer who likes to draw cartoons too.
A cartoonist should be: funny, thoughtful, clever and kind (hey, it never hurts to be kind). You have to be able to take an idea of what you think is funny and translate that into a drawing. This often sounds easier than it is. Here are some things to see and do while you draw some funny pictures; then, even if you do go off to law school, you'll be the best cartoonist in your class!
A few facts about the funnies
The "sight gag": give it a try
Setting the scene for your cartoon
Casting characters, creating the look
A Chunky Monkey strip in progress. Follow along and help out too!
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