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The Story of Kris Mouse
and his wonderful gift from 
Santa Claus

'Twas the night before Christmas, 
and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

That is, except for Kris Mouse, a tired little mouse trying to stay awake. He knew Santa was coming (he kept a calendar and crossed off every day till Christmas). It was hard to stay awake. So he tried to think about things, like why do people always leave cookies for Santa Claus? Why don't they leave cheese? How many cookies can Santa eat on Christmas eve? If most everybody left cookies, how many cookies would that be? He wondered and wondered; it was a perplexing question. He thought so much, he tired his little mouse brain and got drowsy and fell asleep.
He dreamt it was Christmas day, and nothing was left in his stocking. A big tear slid down his little mouse face. "Gee whiskers," he said, "I didn't even get a crumb of blue cheese" (which he didn't even like). "How could Santa forget me? I've been a good mouse all year. I've kept my mouse hole clean and tidy, and I always try to do a good deed every day."
Suddenly, the alarm on his little wrist watch went off. "Wow," he said, "it's still Christmas eve! I must have been dreaming." He looked at the tiny wrist watch with a smile. His grandmouse had given it to him for his birthday. (He was a very kindly old mouse, who lived in a nearby field, and visited him often). He always told Kris Mouse, "It's good to know what time it is, whether you live in a mouse hole or a field, becuase you have to know if it's morning, noon or night, or you might eat your breakfast for supper." Kris Mouse wondered if Santa had a watch. Maybe Santa was so busy giving presents to everyone else, he never got a present. He decided to give Santa his watch. Even a little mouse could give up something for Santa. The idea made Kris Mouse happy and he sang Jingle Bells all the way through.
As he got to the last line (about the one-horse open sleigh) he heard some real bells jingling. That was followed by a loud noise, and a big "AH-CHOO!" Kris Mouse ran to the chimney just in time to see the jolly old elf himself come in for a landing. There was another loud "AH-CHOO!" "My goodness," exclaimed Santa, "you'd think they would clean out their chimney in time for my arrival. I think I'll leave them a dustpan and chimney broom."
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