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Chunky Monkey's Excellent Christmas Adventure 
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Chunky Monkey closed his eyes and repeated Frosty's words. Suddenly he was airborne, no bigger than 

Tom Thumb, flying on a seagull with a tiny Frosty.

All at once, the seagull did a nose dive. They landed on a big baboa tree. It was just like a giant trampoline. Suddenly Chunky Monkey realized he was talking to himself. He was no longer in Africa. In fact, he was right back where he started, but there was a difference. Now he had the Christmas sprit. He wasn't thinking about himself, but the good you can do for others. Especially at Christmas time. He looked for the little toy elephant in the window and the little doll that had winked at him. This time he winked back. Then he gave the toy elephant a big Chunky Monkey smile.

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