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Chunky Monkey's® Excellent Christmas Adventure

It was almost Christmas. The snow was blowing playfully, touching people's hats and gifts. Holly and twinkling lights were everywhere. People bustled along carrying festive packages. The air was filled with the wonderful aroma of Christmas trees for sale.

Fanna banana, what could the matter be, thought Chunky Monkey as he stood half looking into a jolly toy window. Where is my Christmas spirit? A pretty doll winked at him. He didn't wink back. A baby toy elephant waved his trunk, but Chunky Monkey pretended not to see. "I guess I just don't have any Christmas spirit," he mused with a sigh.

Then suddenly someone nudged him. Chunky Monkey wondered who it could be. He didn't know anyone in this neighborhood. Then another nudge, hurting his shoulder.

Chunky Monkey didn't like that at all. He turned around quickly to say so, and rubbed his eyes. I must need glasses, he thought -- it seemed to be a snowman!

What could he possibly want? thought Chunky Monkey. The snowman seemed to read his mind.